Passenger Terminals of Habana Jose Marti Airport

Being a large airport Havana Jose Marti International has several passenger terminals. There are 4 of them there and there is a bus service between them.

Jose Marti Airport Terminal 1 (Domestic)

Havana  Jose Marti airport Terminal 1Before 1998 Terminal 1 was used for domestic and international services. When Terminals 2 and 3 were built, it became a domestic one. This terminal is located in the east side of Runway 06 of the Jose Marti airport complex. Cubana Airlines, Aerogaviota and AeroCaribbean perform flights to and from Terminal 1.

Jose Marti Airport Terminal 2 (U.S. Charters)

Havana  Jose Marti airport Terminal 2This terminal was constructed in 1988. It is used for US charters only. Scheduled charter flights from Miami, New York, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and other US cities to Jose Marti airport land and take off from Terminal 2. US residents with special permission and Cuban citizens with US visas use this terminal. Gulfstream Air Charters, ABC Charters, Marazul Charters, CTS Charters and C & T Charters and some other airlines used to perform flights to/from Terminal 2.

It is situated in the north of the Jose Marti international airport territory, in front of the threshold of Runway 24. In 2010 the terminal was reconstructed. It became larger and more modern. Nowadays one can find car rental, bars and a restaurant, bookshops and newsagents there.

Jose Marti Airport Terminal 3 (International)

Havana Jose Marti airport Terminal 3It was opened in 1998 and became an international terminal of Havana Jose Marti international airport. It's located halfway down the north side of the runway. Fidel Castro and Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien took part in its opening. This terminal is the largest and the most modern. Ticketing and departures are located on the upper level, arrivals and baggage carousels are on the lower level of the terminal. Car rentals are situated in the Arrival area of Terminal 3.

The terminal serves about 25 airlines from all over the world. Havana airport is connected with more than 60 destinations in 30 countries and their number is constantly increasing.

Jose Marti Airport Terminal 5 (Caribbean)

Havana  Jose Marti airport Terminal 5AeroCaribbean and AeroTaxi airlines base in this terminal. They perform both domestic and regional scheduled and charter flights to/from Havana Jose Marti airport. It's is located in the south east corner of the airfield, just south of threshold 24. In 2010, when Terminal 2 was under reconstruction, this terminal handled all US flights.

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