Flights from USA to Havana Cuba

The first commercial passenger flights in 55 years between the US and Havana, Cuba, departed 2016 Nov. 28, as Fort Worth, Texas-based American Airlines and New York-based low-cost carrier JetBlue Airways each launched scheduled service to the island nationís capital.

They were followed by Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines, which opened its flights to Havana from different cities of the United States. It is obvious that a number of flights and US destinations will be growing gradually in the near future.

Calendar of low prices on airline tickets to Havana:

Flights from Florida to Cuba

Flights from Miami to Havana Cuba

Miami to Havana is the oldest and busiest route of all destinations between the United States and Cuba. On this route, you can use the services of leading US airlines. Such as American, Delta Air Lines, Eastern Air Lines, Aruba Airlines. Air carriers offer up to 10 flights per day from Miami to Havana International Airport.

Flights from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando to Havana Cuba

Two other airports in Florida, which have air links with Havana, are Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. Regular flights from these cities to Havana take a little bit more than an hour. You can choose tickets from such airlines as JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines which provide scheduled services on both these routes.

Flights from Tampa to Havana Cuba

Tampa is a new starting point in Florida linked to Cuba. Southwest Airlines has launched scheduled flights from Tampa to Havana and Varadero. You can choose air tickets among several direct flights from Tampa to Havana.

Flights from New York to Havana Cuba

The largest city in the United States is connected with Cuba by routes of Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways. The airlines operate daily flights from New York JFK International airport to Havana Jose Marti airport. Book here to go on a business trip or on a vacation from the USA to Cuba. A four hour flight will get you to the island of Cuba.

Alternative access to Cuba from the area of Greater New York, is to use the services of United Airlines. The carrier offers flights to Havana from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Flights from Charlotte to Havana Cuba

A convenient way to get from North and South Carolina to Cuba offers American Airlines. Scheduled flights of the carrier connecting Charlotte and Havana with daily departures from Douglas International Airport. A two and a half hour flight will take you to Cuba on board a comfortable aircraft.

Flights from Los Angeles to Havana Cuba

Alaska Airlines was the first to suggest direct flights from Los Angeles to Havana. A five and a half hour flight will take you to the capital of Cuba. Air tickets are sold in advance and on the eve of each flight. Choose the best variant for you.

Cheap flights from USA to Cuba

A large number of airlines launches flights from US cities to Havana, create a high level of competition in this area. Even today you can find cheap tickets from the US to Cuba if you try to choose different departure airports and different dates.

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