Flights to Cuba

Cheap flights to Cuba Millions of passengers come annually to Havana Jose Marti International Airport of Cuba. It is the largest airport in the country and gets plenty of flights to Cuba from America, both North and South, and Europe. About 50-60 flights per day land and take off from Havana Airport of Cuba. They are domestic and international ones. The airport gets flights 24 hours a day, but the peak of them falls on the daytime. From 8 am till 9 pm 80 per cent of flights come and leave Cuba's international airport. It is the busiest time for all airport services.

The number of flights to Cuba are growing up because Cuban cheap resorts attract people from all over the world. Moreover Cuba is no longer isolated. And this gives good opportunity to visit the country.

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Flights to Havana Cuba

First flights to Havana and Cuba from abroad were performed in 1936. They were non-commercial flights from Madrid. Later Cuba began to serve planes from other countries. Flights to/from Miami started in 1945 and continue to be performed till nowadays. The number of flights to Cuba grew, and more and more countries became connected with the major Cuban airport Jose Marti.

As it was mentioned, more than 50 flights come and leave Havana International Airport daily. 30 per cent of them are domestic flights performed by Cubana de Aviacion, the national carrier of Cuba. Other 70 per cent of flights are of international origin. Flights to Havana come from more than 20 countries. Flights from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Salvador, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Columbia connect Cuba with North and South America. European flights come from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, France and Russia. Most of the flights are performed more than once a week. For example, flights to Cuba from Miami take place not only every day, but several times a day.

Flights from Miami to Cuba

Many years ago flights from Miami to Cuba were among the first to come to this island. Today how to flight to Cuba knows everybody. Up to 9 planes a day land in Havana International Airport from Miami. They are operated by different carriers. Some of them take regular flights from Miami to Cuba, others are on a charter bases. The largest number of flights are performed from Thursday to Sunday. These are the days when tourists from America come to Cuba to spend there their weekend. One can fly to Cuba by Envoy Air, American Airlines, Swift Air, Aruba Airlines, Eastern Air Lines and some other carriers.

Flights from other US airports to Cuba

It has been already mentioned that flights from Miami to Cuba were among the first international flights to the island. Later on, other US destinations appeared in Havana airport's schedule. Some times a week planes from Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando land and take off from Cuba. These are the cities of Florida State in the USA. Once a week one can take a plane from New York to Havana. The choice of airports is not occasional. Airports in Florida are convenient transit points to fly to Cuba, and New York, being a business center of the USA, is also very convenient for passengers who go to Cuba not only to have a vacation there but on a business trip. Flights from New York (JFK International) are performed by JetBlue Airways. It is obvious that a number of flights and US destinations will be growing gradually. Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines have already announced their scheduled flights to Cuba. The United is going to fly from Newark. Alaska Airlines intends to connect Los Angeles with Havana.

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Flights from Cancun to Cuba

Flights from Cancun to Cuba have a long story because Mexico takes the second place after the USA by a number of flights to Cuba. Interjet, Aeromexico fly to Cuba regularly. Flights from Mexico City, Cancun and Monterrey com to Havana airport nearly every day. And Cancun Havana is the most popular direction among Mexican passengers. Although Mexico has good resorts itself, people like to fly to Cuba to have a rest there.

Flights from other countries to Cuba

Flights from Mexico and USA are a major part of services to Havana Airport but not the only one. A great number of flights are performed from South America. Panama City, Santiago, Caracas, Bogota, Lima are also connected with Havana.

European destinations are present in the schedule as well. Madrid, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Moscow, Milan. Paris, Frankfurt are among them.

Cheap flights to Cuba

Cheap air tickets for flights to Cuba is a very actual theme nowadays. People all over the world search for cheap tickets. In connection with this low-cost airlines become more and more popular. And although passenger service leaves much to be desired on such flights, and one should pay for luggage, seat choice, meals, etc. low-cost flights attract passengers. Budget flights to Cuba are performed, for example, from Mexico by Interjet company.

If you buy a tour and fly to Cuba on board a charter flight, you also get a cheap ticket. Everybody knows that charter flight are of no great service wherever they go. But if you prefer to fly on traditional carriers, tickets to Cuba must be bought in advance. As there is a rule: earlier buy, less pay. A number of cheap ticket is not often large on traditional flights. National carriers and huge airlines give more possibilities for passengers. That is why the tickets on them are not cheap at all.

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